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Senin, Oktober 12


I try to tell you something that i ever had.
I ‘ll try to remember my last posting, it’a about a boy that a found from mobile phone.
what a difficult way to meet him in the real situation, and it need long time and much money.

2 years ago, it’s be my first time have chance to play with my phone, and got the number. I fallin in love with all his characters. Humor, lovely, and safe.
But, almost happen that he has another one whicr more beautiful than me and more near to him. It’s make me hurt and try to forgot him, it’s also disturb my study and especially my healt condition. I never try to hate him, but as soon as i can, it’s come with much of tears. Like make me be a weak girl and jealous. But, since there, i most try to love him as long as i can, because i know, he must pay the own false with his life forever.
I’m not make an baned for him, but i think he also try to make anything to got forgiveness from me. I think, that ‘s will be the big problem for our relation, but in another way, my condition regularry dropped, and i think, it’s so near time to day. Really nice if i can imagine, how can get fly from this world, eventhough i didn’t know where i must go. But..also make a confuse decision, because i love my Parents so much, i spend a lot of many for my life while i never make them happy.
Now, i have met my boyfriend, and good point, that we have promote our relation to the society and ofcourse to both of our parent, although that my parents disagrre about this relation.
In moment that i mt him, it’s so nice to remember but also make a big feeling to miss, now..just try to continue my study and get the scholarship again, hiope that God forgive our sins and bless this relation.
God, only You , who knows all in my life. Thanks God, Love you.